(USA) Southwestern

The Southwestern Region includes Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and Wyoming. AME’s regional boards are made up of dedicated and passionate volunteers who contribute their time and expertise to help local companies improve their competitiveness and overall success through shared learning and access to best practices.

(USA) Southwestern Upcoming Events

Regional Event
Salt Lake City, Utah
February 25 - February 25, 2019
Regional Event
Salt Lake City, Utah
February 26 - February 27, 2019
Regional Event
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
April 10 - April 11, 2019
Regional Event
San Antonio, Texas
May 9 - May 10, 2019
Regional Event
San Antonio, Texas
May 20 - May 21, 2019
Regional Event
San Antonio, Texas
July 23 - July 24, 2019


Larry Anderson
President, Southwestern Region
Doug Carlberg
M2 Global Technology LTD
Immediate Past President
Ross Robson
Director, Utah region
Bill Baker
Director, New Mexico region
Speed To Excellence


Kevin Barber
Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance
John Carnuccio
Cynthia Christie
Manufacturer's Edge
Mark De Kiewiet
De Kiewiet Associates
Roger Denton
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Debbie Dobson
St. James and St. Vincent Healthcare
Mark Graban
Brian Kettler
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Richard Lebovitz
LeanDNA, Inc.
Dr. Steve Nichols
University of Texas at Austin
J. Francisco Ramirez Resendiz
Lensys Training Center
Dave Siebert
O.C. Tanner
Ryan Mecham
Director of Consortia
Fernanda Hagen
Francis Tuttle Technology Center