(USA) Western

The Western Region includes Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. AME’s regional boards are made up of dedicated and passionate volunteers who contribute their time and expertise to help local companies improve their competitiveness and overall success through shared learning and access to best practices.

(USA) Western Upcoming Events

Regional Event
Redmond, Washington
August 13 - August 14, 2019


Barbara Clayton
Genie, a Terex Company
President, Western Region
Jerry Wright
Immediate Past President


Katie Anderson
KBJ Anderson Consulting
Katherine Manuel
Sutter Gould Medical Foundation
Tom Murphy
OC Lean Consortium
Alissa Nichols
Cadet Manufacturing
Kenneth Rolfes
KDR Associates
John Rubio
Simpler Consulting, Inc.
Lenny Perry
Innovative Quality Systems, LLC
Dan Shunk
Arizona State University
Manno Simeus
IPC Technical Services, Inc.
Luis Tavares
Mark Welch
Tempo Consulting LLC
Tim Clark
Virginia Mason Medical Center
Ernest Kandilige
Jennifer Ayers
Mark Bledsoe
Aera Energy LLC
Frank Sabala
Sutter Gould Medical Foundation