(USA) Midwestern

The Midwestern Region includes Illinois and Missouri. AME’s regional boards are made up of dedicated and passionate volunteers who contribute their time and expertise to help local companies improve their competitiveness and overall success through shared learning and access to best practices.


Bob Dempsey, Jr.
President, Midwestern Region
S & C Electric Company
President, Midwestern Region


Julie Kochert
Christy Kovelan
Deluxe Corporation
Patrick Lucansky
Value Innovation Partners, Ltd.
Brian McKibben
Cumberland Group-Chicago
Jim Parejko
G & W Electric Company
Tony Heath
Bill Pierrakeas
VIP Group
John Hill
United Conveyor Corp.
Cole Drussa
Cambridge Engineering, Inc.
Mark Searcy
Raaghavan Venkatram
Norton McMurray Mfg. Co.
Patrick Anderson
OpExApps, Inc.