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Breaking boundaries for operating excellence

Building a high-performance work system

Learn about the strategic tools and powerful systems necessary to create an operating performance improvement initiative, resulting in rapid, significant and sustained improvements to operating performance and profitability.


In this highly-interactive workshop, gain insights on how to build a high-performance works system. The systems covered will be: A critical two-tier performance measurement system, which includes the design and implementation of KPIs; a motivational incentive pay system; a performance communication system including how to communicate the improvement initiative, performance results, and incentive pay earned; a performance improvement team system including how to develop an active method for capturing employee ideas for improvement. Discover the importance of integrating all four systems into one initiative. Learn about supporting your mission statement, strategy and core values with an improvement initiative. Real-world examples will be used to help explain specific concepts to apply in your company.


Founded in 1985, Bovino Consulting Group's success has catapulted it to being the world’s premier productivity and quality gainsharing consulting firm. It is a group of experienced, high energy consultants dedicated to improving your organization's operating performance and profitability by creating a massive explosion of productivity and quality improvements from your employees. Its client base is widespread across the United States and Canada, with client assignments in South America, Australia, and China.

Presenter: Vince Bovino

Vince Bovino is a management consultant and founder of Bovino Consulting Group. He is a facilitator for productivity and quality improvement, and a catalyst for organization change. Bovino and his team have developed a powerful and effective high-performance work system that quickly produces significant and lasting operating performance improvements. He holds a master’s degree in industrial relations from Saint Francis University.