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Missing effective root cause analysis in your company?

Develop effective problem solving (PDCA) using 5-why, fishbone and RCA maps

Learn about the two pillars of lean - continuous improvement (CI) and respect for people (RfP). CI is accomplished through effective problem solving, or root cause analysis (RCA). Discover how RfP can be greatly impacted by effective RCA.


Has your company struggled with reaching effective countermeasures to problems?  Do your problems get 'solved’ every day, only to return?  Do you have drivers who 'already know the answer' and pedestrians who don’t care because 'no one ever listens'?  Does your problem solving always end with 'employee attention to detail' or 'SOP not followed'?This hands-on, interactive session takes you from the basics of problem solving: Defining the problem-solving funnel, team coordination and learning to ask why, into RCA development: Learn how to drive structured, effective analysis from effect to cause(s), to root cause(s), to countermeasure(s), with the coach as facilitator.


Seaboard Triumph Foods is an equal ownership joint venture between Seaboard Foods and Triumph Foods. Triumph Foods is owned exclusively by pork producers and Seaboard Foods is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seaboard Corporation. By aligning farm operations with pork processing, Seaboard Triumph Foods can ensure consistently wholesome, premium pork products for its worldwide customer base. This farm-to-plate approach begins with strong genetics and continues all the way through with superior pig nutrition, animal care, food safety protocols, advanced processing techniques and product excellence.

Presenter: Michael Thelen

Michael Thelen is the CI Leader for start-up Seaboard Triumph Foods in Sioux City, IA. He has been on a lean path since 1998, starting with cellular design and now/next flow, progressing to value streams and supplier kanban. He has led CI efforts in positions from front-line supervision to organizational lean leadership to consulting, including six sigma greenbelt certification through Honeywell International. Thelen also works with local secondary, post-secondary and civic organizations to spread the concepts and theories of CI to a broader audience. He founded the Aberdeen Lean Forum, a dues-free monthly consortium, in 2007 and co-founded the Siouxland Lean Consortium in 2011.