Non-manufacturing sessions at AME Boston

Lean principles have been proven universal. Each year AME welcomes individuals from non-manufacturing industries including healthcare, government, education, finance, marketing, retail and many others at the AME International Conference.

“We’ve tried to encourage people to drop the ‘m’ word when they say lean,” said AME Boston Co-Conference Chair Drew Locher. By the “m” word, Locher means manufacturing. “When lean first started, everyone called it lean manufacturing and I would sit there and correct people. And now more and more people are understanding.”

It is the mission of AME to inspire a commitment to excellence in all areas of the enterprise. This fall, AME is excited to offer nine non-manufacturing sessions at the AME 2017 International Conference in Boston. On October 9-13, hear from thought leaders and lean experts in healthcare, government and finance in addition to traditional sessions in manufacturing areas.

“It helps give another perspective,” said Locher. “If I’m from manufacturing and I still have this belief that lean is only for manufacturing—and there’s a lot of people that still think that—I’m not even looking at applying the concept to my non-manufacturing areas within my organization.”

Check out the non-manufacturing sessions offered at AME Boston 2017:

Lean healthcare

What lean leaders do

Hosted by Sutter Gould Medical Foundation (SGMF)
Learn how to identify a minimum of two hours each day of non-value activity by the use of leader standard work. Three Sutter Gould Medical Foundation directors will share their journey to eliminate non-value activities and replace with the value added activities of coaching and development of their teams into effective problem solvers. Hear how the organization started its lean journey in 2010 with a single value stream and to date have seven active value steams. Learn how, in addition to supporting the value streams, the leadership team continues to develop people through gemba visits, servant leadership and aim toward continuous improvement. The aim of these approaches is to unleash the intellectual power of every member of the team. Click here to learn more.

Lean in health care and industry

Hosted by Virginia Mason
Hear how, for 16 years, Virginia Mason team members implemented lean concepts in the hospital setting. Wins include low unit of measure inventory management, rapid operating room turn around times, the elimination of waiting rooms for Emergency Department patients and many more improvements. Compare and contrast how lean concepts have been implemented in hospital settings, highlight similarities, differences and continued opportunities. Discover the challenges of implementing concepts of load leveling, removing packaging waste from the value chain, and standard work in patient settings. Click here to learn more.

Creative and fun methods to infuse lean knowledge into your culture

Hosted by Massachusetts General Hospital, Center for Comparative Medicine
The Center for Comparative Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital supports the biomedical research that leads to scientific and medical breakthroughs. The CCM Continuous Improvement Steering Committee (CISC) was formed in 2013 to identify the gaps in its lean program and to develop innovative countermeasures to close those gaps and to enhance employee engagement. The CISC will take attendees on an interactive journey as it shares its tactics to teach lean quickly and effectively outside of the classroom. Some innovative learning techniques will be demonstrated, including using lean games, video and teaching practices to make learning fun. Learn about modifying rapid learning techniques to address attrition, using interactive technology and videos to teach simple concepts and adapting simple games to engage staff. Click here to learn more.

From death by kaizen to daily improvement

Hosted by Meritus Health
Hear about Meritus' six-year journey and how its approach evolved to achieve the true objective of lean - developing a people-centric culture of continuous improvement. Discover how it designed a small-scale experiment incorporating Toyota kata into the daily huddle on one of its nursing units and how the increase in nursing engagement convinced the CEO to lead an advance group of leaders for kata training at the University of Michigan. With the help of its lean sensei, the company had its official ‘kata kickoff’ with 20+ department leaders. Hear how its cadence is transitioning from monthly meetings and events, to daily coaching and senior leader rounding, allowing for a daily feedback loop across organizational tiers. Learn how the leader standard worksheets follow the same kata starting script used by improvement coaches. Hear how siloed problem solving is now nearly nonexistent as leadership immediately recognizes and coordinates units working toward a common challenge. Click here to learn more. 

Building a culture of engagement

Hosted by Intermountain Healthcare
Hear how the Intermountain CI method provides the processes, tools and environment where physicians help identify problems, participate in problem solving, and drive standards to improve clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and flow. Hear how this has generated thousands of ideas from front-line staff and physicians and contributed to the organization's position as a health care industry leader. Click here to learn more. 


Lean government

Governing outside the lines

Hosted by City of San Diego
Over the last several years, the City of San Diego has amped up efforts  to empower city employees, elected officials, and the public through increased transparency, efficiency and accountability in city operations. Learn how the city’s performance and analytics department is supporting innovation by encouraging employees to question traditional perspectives, challenge the status quo, and develop a data savvy community. Utilizing the department’s Operational Excellence Academy, hear how employees are learning lean methodologies they can apply to their daily work environments. Along with training, employees receive support and mentoring as they make improvements to the ways they deliver services to the residents, visitors and businesses of San Diego. Discover how San Diego employees are changing the culture of municipal government and delivering results that have led to improvements in emergency call processing times, streetlight repairs and much more. Click here to learn more.

Margarette Purvis

Keynote speaker
How Toyota helped improve operations at Food Bank For New York City. Lead by Margarette Purvis, Food Bank For New York City is one of the country’s most robust food banks having served over 1 billion pounds directly to New Yorkers in need. She leads and oversees the strategic vision for all of Food Bank’s operations, philanthropy and programming, including the organization's citywide food distribution system and member network of over 1,000 charities and schools. Purvis was selected by Governor Andrew Cuomo to chair the New York State Anti-Hunger Task Force, where she led the development of recommendations for better coordination of hunger relief services and policy that have been endorsed by the Governor in the 2016 State of the State policy proposals. Purvis has also been appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio to advisory boards for the New York City Children's Cabinet and Community Schools. She was recognized as a "Woman of Influence" by the New York Business Journal and named NonProfit Times’ 2014 Power and Influence Top 50, a national list of leaders in the nonprofit sector. Click here to learn more.


Lean financials

The role of the leader

Hosted by Capital One
After hearing Ron Oslin's session, "The role of the leader," get up close and personal with him and discuss how Capital One transformed from leaders improving processes to leaders improving people. No PowerPoint, no corporate-speak - he'll talk from the heart and tell you what worked and what didn't work as they introduced "The leader's role is to continuously improve the thinking of people NOT improve processes." Engage with Ron in what is expected to be spirited discussion and/or Q&A session with a small group of attendees. Come with your questions, be prepared to engage in the discussion and be open to challenging your assumptions, and your paradigms! Click here to learn more.

At your service!

Hosted by Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Hear how to develop internal capabilities, how to build skills from the ground up and create problem-solvers and process improvers. Learn about a communication plan to bring people along in your journey and what tools will help. Gain insights on why culture matters – trust and understanding the big picture. Learn how to ‘walk the walk’ - leadership drives continuous improvement wins. Hear about lean leadership: Strategy, concise yet visionary; lean leadership management system; success stories. Click here to learn more.