C3 Excellence, Inc. 
Advanced level

Customer-centered project management for WOW results

Integrating and deploying strategy, voice of the customer and lean
Monday, Nov. 4 Location Code
1:00pm-5:00pm TBD MW/17

Discover an organized, tool-supported approach that can reduce your effort and dramatically improve your impact. This workshop will provide the tools and steps from creating a crystal-clear charter through construction of a final presentation that is compelling, based on unimpeachable data and supported by qualitative customer input.


Traditional project management assumes the solution is known and your job is to execute it. Manage time, budget, resources and risks to achieve a defined result. Change leaders rarely have such a clear path and must create WOW results out of uncertainty. Projects related to CI, strategic initiatives, lean, six sigma, customer satisfaction, new product or service innovation and cultural change are often high-risk endeavors that have fuzzy direction, high failure rates and low ROI. This highly interactive workshop is designed to prevent those problems and create heroes, starting with you. The solution requires a skilled team of crime scene investigators (CSI) who use the best methods and have the latest tools. Takeaways from this workshop will include: Clear project charter with clear purpose, measures of success, defined team member roles, and an action plan that eliminates false starts; coordinated method of organizing, communicating and managing the wealth of data the team collects, with optimum simplicity; strong cohesion, shared purpose and strengthened communication skills of the project team.


C3 Excellence, Inc. was founded in 1985. Its mission is to inspire, educate, equip, and support leaders to achieve excellence for their customers and become recognized as best-in-class for the organizations they lead. The foundation for leadership successes obtained in industry, government, education, and emerging new businesses is the customer-centered culture (C3) system. C3 includes the philosophy, methodology, tools and practices that enable leaders to align the strategic direction and practices of their organization. It integrates and advances initiatives known as lean six sigma, agile, ISO 9001. C3 relies on language and linguistics, innovative thinking and strong customer focus that enables the design of products. www.c3excellence.com

Presenters: Robin Lawton / Tony Belilovskiy

Robin Lawton is an author, executive coach and expert in creating rapid strategic alignment between enterprise objectives and customer priorities. He coined the term 'customer-centered culture' in his book "Creating a Customer-Centered Culture: Leadership in Quality, Innovation and Speed." His fourth book, published in 2017, is "Mastering Excellence: A Leader’s Guide to Aligning Strategy, Culture, Customer Experience & Measures of Success." Lawton was ranked #1 of 103 speakers at the ASQ 2017 World Conference and has been a featured speaker by leadership organizations such as the Japan Management Association, Chamber of Commerce, Federal Executive Board, Association for Manufacturing Excellence, American Marketing Association, International Standards Organization, Society of Health Systems and many others. 

Tony Belilovskiy joined C3 Excellence in 2017 following a very successful career in healthcare and business. His diverse expertise includes engineering in metallurgy, ballistics, licensed clinician, healthcare administration, auditor, healthcare consulting, and entrepreneurial business ownership. Belilovskiy holds a BS degree in cardiopulmonary sciences and a master's degree in healthcare management and administration from Northeastern University, Boston, and an associates degree in metallurgy from Odessa Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine. He is a registered respiratory therapist and certified professional coder.