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Industry 4.0 and people-centric leadership

What are the leadership challenges and how do we address them?
Monday, Nov. 4 Location Code
1:00pm-5:00pm TBD MW/16

You've heard about 4.0 and now your challenge is to create a plan to introduce 4.0. Learn about the leadership/organizational perpective as well as the technical concepts of Industry 4.0.


From a leadership/organizational perspective, attendees will be introduced to how the new, pro-active state of manufacturing has the potential of changing how organizations will operate. Hear how 4.0 is simply a new mechanism for doing business and does not change the fundamentals supported by AME for decades. The mindset must be to think of 4.0 as the “new internet” mechanism. Practitioners must also be exposed to the techniques and terminology of 4.0 - the entire world of  “IIoT” applications will be discussed.


Arizona State University (ASU) is the largest university in the U.S., with over 82,000 students. However, ASU has remarkably maintained the quality of its education while going through this explosive growth of students. As an example, ASU was awarded the #1 innovation university in the U.S. in 2015 ~ beating such prominent innovators as MIT and Stanford. All of these accomplishments come from the university vision of creating the "New American University" and achieving excellence - impact - access at the same time.

Presenters: Dan Shunk / Ken Rolfes

Dan Shunk is a professor at Arizona State University. He has ten years of government and industry experience followed by 34 years at ASU. His industry accomplishments include a 500 percent productivity improvement at a major truck manufacturer, a $4.2 million savings at an aerospace manufacturer and a 23.5 percent quality improvement in electronics. Shunk received BSIE, MSIE and PhD degrees from Purdue University. He has eleven teaching awards highlighted by the Society of Manufacturing Engineer’s highest honor, the International Educator award. In 2015 and 2018, Shunk won the A. Alan B. Pritsker Teacher of the Year Award at ASU. He currently serves on AME's West Coast Regional Board.

Ken Rolfes is president at KDR Associates, a management coaching and education company in corporate performance improvement services, and has 30+ years in public and private companies that design, manufacture, and market technically based products for the medical device, industrial product and computer industries. He helps leaders accelerate business improvement for growth and bottom line results through strong corporate strategy, people involvement and operating excellence. Rolfes is author of numerous articles in AME's Target magazine and co-author of the Shingo Award-winning book, “Lean for the Long Term.”