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Leader standard work

Leadership and principles of operational experience

Discover how to define the role of the leader in a lean environment. Learn how to implement tools to develop successful behaviors with a lean management system. Gain insights into using leader standard work to continuously evaluate and improve performance.


Most lean implementations start with a lot of excitement as business results quickly improve and front-line employees show a high level of engagement. This excitement is often short-lived with the process going back to its initial performance leaving front-line employees and leaders disappointed. Hear how using lean with processes without changing leadership principles and practices never goes well. An unchanged leadership model will eventually break the new lean process. To ensure sustainable improvement, lean requires the set of leadership behaviors and structure that make up the lean management system. Learn how leader standard work is the glue of lean management system as it connects lean tools with lean thinking and continuous improvement with respect for people. Attendees will be engaged in reflecting on their current activities and the changes needed to become a successful leader in a lean environment, and will use this reflection to structure their own leader standard work.


Fairview Health Services is a nonprofit, integrated health system based in Minnesota. Strong of 32,000 employees and 2,400 affiliated providers, it provides health care across the full spectrum of health care services through 12 hospitals and medical centers, 56 primary care clinics, 100+ specialties, 54 senior housing locations, 36 retail pharmacies, specialty pharmacy and its transportation service.Since the beginning of its lean Journey, the organization has deployed many lean systems such as strategy deployment, A3 thinking, daily engagement and leader standard work. Every year, more than 40, 000 front line improvement ideas are implemented resulting in better patient care. www.

Presenter: Didier Rabino

Didier Rabino is vice president, executive lean sensei at Fairview, coaching senior executives and BOD members. He started in 2012 with the development and deployment of lean. Previously, Rabino spent 8 years at Andersen Corporation as plant manager, and as leader of the lean promotion office to develop and deploy the Andersen Manufacturing System. He also worked for 13 years at Steelcase in England, France and Michigan, where he held several leadership positions in operations, R&D and logistics. Over the past 25 years, he has been leading and supporting lean transformations and new process implementations in manufacturing and healthcare organizations. Rabino is director of the AME North Central Region board. In 2015, he was recognized by the Institute of Industrial Engineering and became the 27th recipient of the Honorary Member Award.