AME Excellence Award 
Intermediate level
Advanced level

Pearls of Excellence

2017 AME Excellence Award recipients share a best practice


Speed Chat with Experts
Wednesday, Oct. 11 Location Code
9:45am-12:00pm Hynes Center, Level 3, Room 311 WS/30



What is a “pearl?" A pearl is simply an outstanding practice that others might benefit from learning more about. The sessions are structured for the award recipients to describe:

  • How this pearl has benefitted their organization?
  • The biggest challenge in reaching this level of effectiveness?
  • What is the lesson learned from their experience?
  • Plans to do moving forward to take improvement to the next level?

Award recipients will each give a 10-minute presentation. The pearls they will share are:

  • How teams turn a $$ loser into a $$$ winner.
  • Innovation: Using Google glass, smart watches and AGV for materials.
  • Taking policy deployment to the shop floor to engage employees.
  • Decreasing space while increasing throughput (a 5-year trend).

In the second half of this double session, attendees will be divided into small groups and each award recipient will rotate amongst the small groups for Q&A.


AME Excellence Award is seeking to have award recipients share their pearls. The single best practice identified by the assessment team during the course of their site visit.


Practitioners/leaders from the 2017 AME Excellence Award recipient companies:

AGCO, Jackson, Minnesota
Littelfuse, Dongguan, China
Littelfuse, Suzhou, China
Powerblanket, Salt Lake City, Utah