Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day (October 1, 2020) is an opportunity for manufacturers to connect with schools and universities in their local communities to give students an opportunity to experience practical, hands-on learning and to help manufacturers give back to the community while helping the next generation of manufacturers.

  • In 2015, the average manufacturing worker in the United States earned $81,289 annually, including pay and benefits.
  • The United States is undergoing a manufacturing renaissance. Companies are hiring, and manufacturing jobs are stable, interesting and high-tech.
  • As United State's schools introduce more STEM classes, there is a greater need for hands-on learning.
  • By bringing manufacturers to schools, students can get practical, hands-on learning, access to mentors and have an opportunity to explore options for a manufacturing career.


Click here to find out more on what you can do to get involved with local schools and prepare for Manufacturing Day!

For additional Information, contact:

Glenn Marshall

Association for Manufacturing Excellence