AME’s regional boards are made up of dedicated and passionate volunteers who contribute their time and expertise to help local companies improve their competitiveness and overall success through shared learning and access to best practices.

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AME is proud to present a series of 2 Second Lean tours hosted by Paul Akers.


The tour series highlights organizations from around the globe that are reaping the benefits of 2 Second Lean. You'll see how they're doing it and find inspiration that will help you and your organization find similar success.

Past tours include Cambridge Air Solutions, County Battery, Lumen Electronics, Seating Matters, Best Damn Doors, Yellotools and more! Stream tour recordings and see what's coming next at



Richard Evans
President, AME Canada
JR Lean
President, Canada Region
Leif Kristensen
Finance Chair
LGKristensen Financial Consulting Services
John Conforzi
Membership Chair
Airborn Flexible Circuits Inc.
Jim Winn
Co-Program Chair
Amish Chadha
Vice President
Design Molecule
Consortium Growth


Neil Addison
Innovair Group
Brian Bush
World Class Tours
Kevin Falenda
Social Media
Dynamic Source Manufacturing Inc.
Bob Garces
Consortium Growth
Ashay Gude
Structure Performance Improvement Solutions
Jonathan M. Kennedy
Ruben Mellado
Layfield Group of Companies
Brad Robertson
Member Engagement
ESCO Corporation
Arnel Santos
mCloud Technologies Corp
Jimmy K. Timm