Intermediate level

Threading the voice of the customer to the factory floor

Combining design for six sigma and CI tools


Practitioner Presentation
Wednesday, Oct. 11 Location Code
9:45am-10:45am Hynes Center, Level 3, Ballroom C WS/27

Listen to the customer to deliver outstanding products and services. See how to harmonize three business functions to address customer needs.


Learn how the needs of the customer are obtained by capturing the voice of the customer or VOC. The three business functions that need to work as one cohesive and unified team are: Commercial (sales and marketing), R&D (product properties and services) and operations (product quality). Discover when we collect the VOC, it is not always obvious on how it is translated to company metrics. That is why we link the VOC to the business functions by using the Design for Six Sigma tool: Houses of Quality or HOQ.  Threading the VOC through the HOQ helps map those customer needs all the way to the factory floor variables that are key to the customer’s CTQs. Gain insights into using “house of quality” methodology to meet customer quality standards. translating customer’s needs all the way up to the manufacturing parameters, critical to quality to functional requirements and process variables as key indicators of your process.


Founded in 1866, the Sherwin-Williams Company is a global leader in the manufacture, development, distribution, and sale of paints, coatings and related products to professional, industrial, commercial, and retail customers. Its 60,000+ employees worldwide deliver advanced coatings solutions with best-in-class appearance, performance, protection and sustainability to customers in more than 120 countries.

Presenter: Paul Cafaro

Paul Cafaro is director for the Americas at the Sherwin-Williams Company, responsible for supporting the achievement of world-class business results through innovation excellence by bridging the commercial needs of the business and customer’s end use. Prior to Sherwin-Williams, he held several operations and leadership positions with increasing responsibility for Dow Chemical and Tyco International. Cafaro earned his chemical engineering degree from Illinois Institute of Technology and is a certified master black belt. He also did post graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.