Basadur Applied Creativity 
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Collaborative problem solving for efficiency and innovation

Proven people-centered thinking process
Monday, Oct. 9 Location Code
8:00am-5:00pm Sheraton, 5th floor, Public Garden MW/03

Understand innovation as a never-ending people-centered process of thinking and problem solving from discovering problems and opportunities to implementing valuable new solutions. Discover the thinking skills and tools that make the process “go”. Learn to ask “How might we?” and “Why - what’s stopping?” to reframe problems. Use challenge mapping for consensus on problem definition and a way forward.


These days, problems are more complex than ever before and require new problem-solving skills for real collaboration across different disciplines for innovative solutions. In this highly interactive workshop, attendees will experience a proven thinking and problem-solving process which enables collaborative innovation for tangible results even across silos. The process is teachable and can scale across the organization. Be engaged in developing skills in this process using your own real world problems, including how to ask the right questions and facilitate others to develop consensus and commitment. Discover your own unique problem-solving style and how to partner up with the diverse styles of others to rapidly execute the process with success. Real world examples and a proven instrument to measure individual style preferences will be provided. Engage in learning the collaborative process and the skills and tools that enable itt including: confidence and a willingness to tackle problems and engage others; transparency and respect for others; building consensus; bridging language and cultural gaps within teams.


Basadur Applied Creativity helps organizations become self-sufficient in solving problems, finding growth opportunities and creating a new "How might we?" culture. It provides a proven framework to solve problems at any level that is sustainable, reusable and scalable. The framework introduces objectivity into a process of identifying and defining problems in a safe and non-threatening environment which eliminates any natural barriers and obstacles. The company has received various awards including: CAFÉ; GTA Family Enterprise of the Year Achievement Award (2012); Fellow of SIOP (The Society for Industrial & Organizational Physiology).

Presenter: Min Basadur

Educated in engineering physics (University of Toronto), Min Basadur began developing his insights about problem solving and innovation at Procter & Gamble. He received three U.S. patents and created a corporate-wide deliberate change consulting practice which he integrated into an award-winning doctoral dissertation at the University of Cincinnati. Basadur became a professor of organizational behavior in the DeGroote School of Business (McMaster University) then founded Basadur Applied Creativity. His work has achieved an enviable record of tangible results. Clients include eBay, Goodrich, Frito Lay, Microsoft, Pfizer, John Deere, BASF, Aera, NASA and numerous health care institutions.