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Creating just-in-time (JIT) hi-mix, multi-tier supply chain flow

Streamlining materials flow from upper tier suppliers, first-in, first-out, directly to consumer POU
Friday, Oct. 13 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm Sheraton, 2nd floor, Independence East FW/01

Discover how to create non-stop sequential materials flow throughout your supply channels, boosting customer service as you eliminate inventory and parts obsolescence.


Learn how to completely eliminate the need for inventory within the flow from external suppliers to point of use (POU) consumers. Understand how just-in-time (JIT) can enable you to break free from non-value-added material requirements planning (MRP) rules. Gain useful insights from an example of what a high-mix, low-volume enterprise JIT supply channel flow looks like. Discover how to make your vision of a streamlined supply chain a reality. Achieve dramatic lead-time reduction, improving end-to-end flow by sequencing more parts. In turn, abolish component/subassembly obsolescence and realize significant cost savings – True North success from this customer-focused approach.


Just-in-time Enterprise Institute (JEI) offers hands-on transformation support to assist organizations in successfully transforming to lean principles and operations. Its seasoned coaches learned lean from Toyota, its partner, the University of Kentucky, and through hands-on shop floor manufacturing engineering and production operations. This in-depth understanding of the Toyota Production System (TPS) allows JEI to provide effective, real world lean training and hands-on system flow and shop floor transformation assistance. www.jitenterprise.com

Presenter: Jim Price

Jim Price gained his credentials in just-in-time logistics and manufacturing processes while serving as general manager of Ryder’s Toyota North America team. He was also plant manager at two highway tractor remanufacturing plants, a steel crankshaft forging company, a forklift manufacturing company, and director of operations at a hydraulic and pneumatic drive control machining manufacturer. From 2001-2008, Price served on the faculty of the University of Kentucky where he created an industry-focused lean transformation support program. For the past 15 years, he has served on AME’s Southeast Region board of directors and is currently the board’s president.