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Mixed model production

Embracing variation to create flow
Friday, Oct. 13 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm Sheraton, 2nd floor, Back Bay Ballroom A FW/05

Learn how to embrace the variation in manufacturing environments. Discover how to create a Heijunka Sequence Plan, how to develop a production system around it and how to execute a small manufacturing line throughout the entire supply chain.


Toyota factories have a special secret - the way they mix their production line. Toyota calls it the Heijunka Sequence Plan. It mixes tens of thousands of vehicle variations down the same assembly line and it has never been well understood exactly how this is done … until now! Using an algorithm developed to mimic the Toyota Production System, discover a method that everyone can understand how Toyota embraces variation to create flow. Using an innovative method with Legos, attendees will create a supply chain, build products and sell them to a customer. Gain a thorough understanding of Toyota's Heijunka Sequencing methodology.


McFalls Technical Solutions, Inc., is designed to bridge McFallsTech is a company designed to bridge the gap between manufacturing and technology. It develops technology with a keen focus on making life for manufacturers easier and helps facilitate your lean journey.

Presenter: Gregory McFalls

Gregory McFalls is president of McFalls Technical Solutions, Inc. While learning from some of the best lean consultants, he built and managed production systems with billions of variations and highly complex value streams. Previous positions include design engineering, operations management, and business management. With a degree in mechanical engineering and a solid education in computer science, he has successfully combined world-class lean knowledge with world-class technical     solutions.