SpeedNetworking - 1-hour session

Get engaged and enhance your network!
Monday, Oct. 9 Location Code
3:30pm-4:30pm Sheraton, 2nd floor, Liberty Ballroom SN/01

This is a one-hour session.

SpeedNetworking delivers an exciting, high-impact and structured networking event that produces exceptional results for attendees. Get engaged by enhancing your networking opportunities by being in control of who you connect with. SpeedNetworking will help you build valuable connections and a network of meaningful professional relationships. Attendees are matched up prior to the event using a web-based tool for creating profiles and indication matching preferences. At the event, attendees receive a customized agenda of individual meetings, based on their preferences, becoming their roadmap for the event. The customized packet includes information regarding each individual meeting, contact and profile information. You will also receive a basic biography of each person you will be meeting throughout the event.

Fee: $20.00