TWI Kata simulation: Turning good intentions into habits for sustaining change

The convergence of TWI and kata
Monday, Oct. 9 Location Code
8:00am-5:00pm Sheraton, 3rd floor, Hampton MW/09

Good habits need to start somewhere - via actions that reveal a benefit. When continuously improving becomes habitual through introduction, routine and practice, business results are impacted. Based on the highly effective and proven structure of Training Within Industry (TWI), gain new insights for how to think and act in a lean environment for supervisors, team leaders, and anyone who directs the work of others.


In this hand-on learning and practice session, attendees will be introduced to a ‘company’ that is challenged by the ‘customer’ to improve a process. Each attendee will be allocated a role within the process. The process will begin using this new team, each with their roles, and will run for a period of time with observations made, routines applied and then re-run. Learn to apply the improvement kata, coaching kata, job instruction (JI) and job relations (JR) methods. This iterative process will build awareness, capability and a deeper understanding of how these two programs work in tandem. Then practice routines centered on:

  • The four steps of the improvement kata.
  • The coaching kata that will navigate you through the above.
  • Reducing variation in standard work through application of JI.
  • Improving process results through people via application of JR.

The TWI Institute is a not-for-profit organization that resurrected the original TWI Program in 2001. TWI Institute has since become the global resource for TWI training, certification, coaching, networking, and education for the growing community of practitioners and trainers in the manufacturing, construction, health care and service industries. In 2017, the TWI Institute launched a new program that combines the proven methods of TWI with the emerging kata improvement and coaching methods.

Presenters: Oscar Roche / Jamie Smith

Oscar Roche has worked in operations management with Fonterra, Golden Circle and Mildura Fruit Juices. He started his own business in 2000, focused on building the capability of people in reaching operational goals. Roche was trained by the TWI Institute in 2010 and has facilitated application of TWI skills with South Australian Health, DeBortoli Wines, Tatura Milk Industries, Warburn Estate, Vitasoy Australia, McWilliams Wines and others. The basic leadership of skills, JI ad JR in particular, are a foundation to most improvement projects that he facilitates across all industries or businesses. 

Jamie Smith is a TWI trainer and program facilitator at the TWI Institute. He is certified as a trainer in Job Instruction and Job Relations. He began his manufacturing career at the Buckbee Mears Corporation plant, training and coaching line personnel how to troubleshoot production line conditions. He then joined Albany International advancing to the key position of set-up operator. He became the TWI JI trainer in 2007 and the TWI Champion after six months of mentoring by the TWI Institute. His key roles were delivering training, developing timetables and tracking training that led him to develop an audit system.

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