Keynote Speaker
Michael Walton

Creating a culture of innovation. Learn how Google does it.

Wednesday, Oct. 21 Location Code
3:15pm-4:15pm Grand Ballroom, 3rd floor

“The story of innovation has not changed. It has always been a small team of people who have a new idea, typically not understood by people around them and their executives.” - Eric Schmidt, Chairman, Google.

Some of the most frequent questions from CEOs and leaders of other companies are: How does Google innovate? Can innovation be taught? Can it be planned? Can it be sustained? Ultimately, we think that company culture and innovation cannot be separated. We also believe in order to stay competitive, we, and every other company in the world, absolutely have to innovate. Sustained success starts with you ... and with innovation!  Can you create a culture of innovation? The answer is yes. 

Michael Walton is the head of manufacturing for Google for Work where he collaborates with Fortune 500 manufacturers to introduce game-changing strategies and technologies into their manufacturing operations. He’s passionate about helping manufacturers capture and leverage their data to revolutionize every aspect of their processes and production, including systems integration, product lifecycle management, ease of use and management visibility.