Keynote Speaker
Jeremy Bout

Pushing the limits! Cultivating a new perspective of the manufacturing industry

Tuesday, Oct. 20 Location Code
8:00am-9:00am Grand Ballroom, 3rd floor

Jeremy Bout loves big ideas and the energy he brings to the Edge Factor team is the catalyst for inspiration.

As the producer and host of Edge Factor and eduFACTOR productions, Jeremy Bout is always pushing the limits of what’s possible. Merging creative expertise with digital technology, he leads the Edge Factor team in telling stories that inspire audiences. At the heart of every production is Bout’s artistic direction and big picture vision for the lasting impact that Edge Factor media holds for audiences and the next generation of advanced manufacturers.

To impact communities and cultivate a new perspective of the manufacturing industry, Edge Factor reaches into homes through multiple TV series and at events across North America. Edge Factor is focused on equipping educators with resources to inspire students to pursue manufacturing careers. Building relationships with educational leaders to identify the needs of their classrooms, Bout and the Edge Factor team launched eduFACTOR; a membership-based, online suite of story driven media and tools.

When he’s not behind or in front of the cameras, Bout is likely to be hosting a big stage Edge Factor Live event, reaching out to Edge Factor's partners, overseeing post production or script writing. Sometimes, on the rare days that he has time, you can still catch him throwing on his headphones and hitting up the edit suite himself.