Canadian Pacific Railways 
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Value Stream 5 Sustainability

The ABCs of creating lean leaders

Tuesday, Oct. 20 Location Code
10:45am-11:45am Room 205, 2nd floor TP/11

Reshape Key Behaviors, from the executive suite to the shop floor

Leadership and leader standard work needed to sustain improvements; communications and coaching; change management; employee engagement; learn the causes of leadership behavior.


Discover strategies for reshaping leadership behavior, an overwhelmingly-neglected factor in transformation and the single largest cause of the 70 percent failure rate for change initiatives. Learn the causes of traditional leadership behavior, from the executive suite to the shop floor, and how to encourage new approaches. Gain simple tools and knowledge to apply in your own organization, identifying dangerous gaps in traditional leaders’ behavior. Hear counsel about setting new expectations for communications and coaching as well as accountability. Learn how to embed this knowledge into your organization’s lean transition, including leader standard work. Get information about strategies for creating a change in leadership behavior. Learn about CP’s fundamental change to a high-performance culture. Get a boost in resolving critical leadership performance issues as you pinpoint and reinforce needed actions. Understand the fundamentals of behavior: antecedent, behavior and consequence (ABC). Create a path to lean leadership, sustainment and continuous improvement. Learn how leadership teams must apply consistent consequences within their chain of command. Hear about employee engagement and culture change.


Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) provides freight transportation services, logistics solutions and supply chain expertise. CP’s 14,700-mile network serves more than 1100 communities in six provinces and 13 states, including the principal business centers of Canada from Montreal to Vancouver and in the United States, the Midwest and Northeast regions. The company has received numerous supplier awards from companies such as Toyota, Honda and Chrysler.

Speaker: Jeff Adams

Jeff Adams is the managing director, continuous improvement, for Canadian Pacific Railway (CP). He created its continuous improvement strategy and leads corporate-wide deployment. During more than 30 years with CP, he has led numerous change initiatives across operations as well as sales and marketing. Adams has been recognized as the Lean Sensei’s Sponsor of the Year for 2010 and for his role when CP received the INFORMS Franz Edelman Award for 2003. He is regularly sought by customers and other organizations seeking a successful transformation.