Electri-Cable Assemblies 
Intermediate level
Value Stream 3 Innovation

Building a culture of innovation: seize the opportunity

Wednesday, Oct. 21 Location Code
9:30am-10:30am Room 232/233, 2nd floor WP/21

How employees learn to see and participate in forming the future

Build innovation into your organization’s DNA by fostering a culture to support innovation, engaging employees in related initiatives and developing the discipline of execution; lead the pack as employees learn to see the possibilities for innovation at all levels in the organization.


Grow a sustainable, innovative environment that delivers exceptional results. Learn how to define what an innovative company is, and how to stay on the innovative edge by building the right culture. Understand the need to slow down to see opportunity, building the desire and capability to foster an innovative culture. Hear how Electri-Cable Assemblies has transformed the way it sees and delivers new products to the marketplace. Learn about engaging the workforce and creating an effective structure for managing innovation, from concept to new product release. Get specifics on how ECA tripled new product releases and fueled 20 percent annual growth for each of the past four years. Hear about culture and the discipline of execution.


Electri-Cable Assemblies (ECA) is a leading designer and manufacturer of power, charging, data and electrical solutions for the office furniture industry. Its newest collaborative products are designed to serve a constantly-changing work environment, as demand grows for more open and shared spaces. ECA started on its lean journey in 2000. The company strives to bring passionate people together to work hard, have fun and inspire each other in a sustainable lean culture.

Speaker: Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy, director of operations for Electri-Cable Assemblies, has expertise in lean manufacturing deployment. He has worked in manufacturing management positions, including sales, engineering and plant maintenance. Murphy also started a lean consulting company and a lean software development company. During his tenure as director of operations at Habco and at HID North Haven, the organizations received performance excellence recognitions. Murphy has a degree in production engineering from the University of Limerick (Ireland) and an MBA degree from Quinnipiac University.