Bronson Healthcare System 
Intermediate level
Value Stream 1 Engaged People

Develop lean capabilities through repeated learning cycles

Tuesday, Oct. 20 Location Code
2:00pm-3:00pm Jr. Ballroom A/B, 3rd floor TP/13

Plan-Do-Study-Adjust (PDSA) sessions help to engage the entire practice team

Create lean coaching capabilities among leaders as well as understanding about problem solving with an effective Plan-Do-Study-Adjust (PDSA) approach; use daily management boards for sharing PDSA progress, engaging people in improvement initiatives; learn about the learning cycle process that supported leadership/team improvement efforts.


Learn how to create a culture of lean thinking and continuous problem solving, developing leaders as lean coaches and fostering front-line staff's understanding about problem-solving using lean concepts. Hear about the Bronson Healthcare successful transition in an outpatient setting, as the organization experimented with standup PDSA sessions using standard work. Discover how daily management boards assist in sharing PDSA work during huddles, engaging the entire practice team in improvement efforts. Understand the learning cycle process that enabled teams and leaders to develop lean capabilities. Get tips on implementing sustainable changes affecting office flows and improving patient-centered care. Hear about results such as improved mammogram completion rates, collection of accurate demographic information and improved patient access to care. Find information on employee engagement, PDCA and culture. Learn how this work was supported by the Lean for Clinical Redesign program, a collaborative process initiative developed and staffed by the University of Michigan and funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, to support the patient center medical home efforts of physician organizations throughout Michigan.


Bronson Healthcare System serves patients and families throughout southwest Michigan and northern Indiana, offering a full range of services from primary care to advanced critical care. Its goal is to provide the right care, at the right time, in the right place. The system, recognized with a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, includes three hospitals, 82 medical practices, ambulatory care centers and multiple joint ventures, with a workforce of more than 7700. Bronson’s annual outreach/charitable care amounts to more than $116 in community benefits.

Speakers: Jamie Klimp / Patricia Craig

Jamie Klimp is a continuous improvement (CI) consultant for Bronson Healthcare. Part of an internal team of lean facilitators, she guides teams in CI by facilitating kaizen events, lean daily management implementation and problem-solving workshops. She provides coaching in the application of evidence-driven improvement to leaders and teams at Bronson. Klimp has an AAS degree in health information technology and a B.S. degree in healthcare systems administration. She holds lean healthcare certification and lean for clinical redesign certification of completion.

Patricia Craig is a continuous improvement (CI) consultant with Bronson Healthcare. She has worked in healthcare since 1985, focusing the past four years on quality and process improvement. She coaches, supports and educates leaders/teams through CI efforts using lean thinking. Craig received lean for clinical redesign certification of completion from the University of Michigan/Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.