The Safariland Group 
Intermediate level
Value Stream 1 Engaged People

How engaged people save lives for a living

Wednesday, Oct. 21 Location Code
9:30am-10:30am Jr. Ballroom A/B, 3rd floor WP/19

Empowered, lean teamwork for continual improvement

Count on the collective strength of an engaged, empowered workforce to yield continuous/lean improvements; associate and team involvement throughout the organization; encourage and recognize associates’ improvement ideas, understanding that small wins can lead to significant results other than the bottom line.


Hear how armor manufacturer Safariland engages associates in continual, lean improvements, understanding that a quality issue on the floor can be a safety issue in the field. Gain insights about associate/team involvement at every level, including programs such as Bright Idea. In this program, people submit recommendations to work more safely, improve products or enhance processes/quality; their ideas are posted on a board, with their pictures, and tracked to completion. Little wins often pay off in big ways other than the bottom line. Learn about empowered associates throughout the Safariland facility who participate in the lean steering team , safety walks, gemba walks, a go-yield-stop program and risk assessments. Hear how the company has recorded more than 1900 “saves,” based on feedback about the details of each life saved through the use of its products, a powerful message that associates embrace and support. Believe in the collective strength of an engaged workforce.


The Safariland Group has a rich, 50-year heritage in the law enforcement and sporting markets. It comprises a group of recognized and respected brands, known for innovation and quality throughout the world. The company is committed to the customer first. Its mission, “Together, we save lives,” is much more than a statement; it is a creed the organization lives by. The company was named one of the safest companies in America by EHS Today in 2013 and has received numerous other recognitions.

Speaker: Shane Weddle

Shane Weddle joined The Safariland Group as the plant manager of its Jacksonville, FL facility in 2012. He has led his team on a continuous improvement journey focused on teamwork/collaboration. He has experience in the military, battery and automotive manufacturing industries, with expertise in quality assurance, compliance and safety. He has a B.S. degree in production management and human resources from Indiana Institute of Technology. Weddle serves on the board of directors of the First Coast Manufacturing Association.