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How to implement an enterprise-wide lean system in two years

Tuesday, Oct. 20 Location Code
2:00pm-3:00pm Room 203/204, 2nd floor TP/16

Create a culture of engagement with a true north process

Achieve dramatic, enterprise-wide lean/CI performance gains using a True North process; effectively employ kaizen, VSM, leader standard work, A3s and gemba walks; cultural change and employee engagement; benchmarking to support lean progress; management review strategies.


Successfully drive organization-wide lean and continuous improvement (CI) activities through a True North process. Hear how Neptune employed value stream mapping, kaizen events and implementation of a gemba-style management review process during its two-year lean transformation (implementation of the Neptune Management System). Learn how the company worked with the Incito consulting firm in more than 50 improvement events involving sales, marketing, R&D, operations, accounting, HR and IT; Neptune now leads these events independently. Gain information about an effective management review process including corporate KPIs and PDCA rooms. Hear about visual project management and stand-up meetings in R&D, daily meetings in operations as well as its safety and quality culture, coaching cards, gemba walks and KPIs for each department. Discover strategies for building a culture of engagement, and how benchmarking with the AME Champions contributed to culture change. Neptune will share its experiences with A3s, coaching/communication, CI, training, metrics/balanced scorecard, leadership/leader standard work, management and safety.


Neptune began producing water meters in 1892 and has continued to evolve with customers’ needs. Its products, used by water utilities throughout North America, generate accurate residential, commercial and industrial water bills. Neptune’s water meters can be read electronically using radio frequency transmissions. Competencies at its Tallassee, AL facility include a no-lead bronze foundry, plastic injection molding, electronics and radio frequency design and manufacturing, software development/test/support and sales channel management. The Neptune Management System has been implemented throughout the organization.

Speaker: Wayne Pitchford

Wayne Pitchford has been the vice president of operations for Neptune Technology Group since 2012. He has 25 years’ experience with the company. Pitchford has served in various roles, including manufacturing engineering, production and quality management. He has a BS degree in industrial engineering from the University of Alabama. Pitchford is a member of the AME Champions group.