Beekley Corporation 
Beginner level
Value Stream 2 Systematic Daily Improvement

It’s the little things making a big difference!

Tuesday, Oct. 20 Location Code
2:00pm-3:00pm Jr. Ballroom C/D, 3rd floor TP/14

Building a strong culture of engagement, CI, learning and lean

Create an innovative, integrated lean mindset, achieving significant customer-focused performance gains; learn about lean as a way of thinking; gain buy-in for change through education, adopting strategies that make sense for your business; demonstrate respect for people; provide a means for identifying waste in operations; build a better team.


Bring end-to-end lean improvements, with the customer in mind, through an integrated focus on culture, education and employee engagement/teamwork. Take advantage of lean concepts and tools to achieve measurable improvements in manufacturing and office environments. Follow the Beekley Corporation lean journey during the past five years as it strengthened a continuous improvement (CI) mindset. Hear about the challenges and rewards of implementing of 5S and other lean tools, plus leadership education at all levels. Understand how lean is more about thinking than about tools, and that lean CI will be a never-ending quest. Learn about creating a philosophy in which everyone is a lean champion. Implement a great idea program, using reward and recognition to drive results. Get practical suggestions for increasing customer value inside and out, showing respect for people, evaluating and identifying inefficiency/waste and positively impacting the bottom line. Use fresh eyes to see CI opportunities, build engagement at all levels, integrate lean as a business strategy and be open to learning what strategies are right for your business, including collaboration, TPM and standard work.


Beekley Corporation, founded in 1934, has evolved into a world-leading supplier of simple, innovative medical products that save time, improve accuracy and provide a better patient experience. Beekley introduced the X-SPOT, the first professional marker for diagnostic imaging, in 1984. Its product line includes a broad range of radiologic skin markers, as well as biopsy and patient care devices for mammography, breast biopsy, radiation therapy, MRI, CT-scan and general radiology.

Speaker: Maureen Gallo

Maureen Gallo is the vice president of human resources (HR) and operational excellence at Beekley Corporation. After starting her career in HR at The Guest Company in 1994, she joined Beekley in 2000 as a recruiter, becoming the human assets manager and later, the director of human assets and operational excellence. In 2012, her role expanded to include the Prestige Lane Hospitality Sales & Marketing division. She has led the company’s lean journey for the past five years.