A. J. Oster 
Beginner level
Value Stream 2 Systematic Daily Improvement

Managing for daily improvement

Thursday, Oct. 22 Location Code
10:45am-11:45am Jr. Ballroom C/D, 3rd floor ThP/44

Start your lean journey by making problems visible

Discover how engaged, passionate employees using systematic daily improvement tools help to grow market share and meet customer needs, while contributing to people development; link a PDCA philosophy with an assessment process; make problems visible and create sustainable solutions for them.


Learn how to develop and implement a systematic daily management process that engages and helps develop your workforce. Hear strategies for making problems visible, resolving these issues and achieving sustainable results. Find lessons learned about gaining guidance from colleagues and organizations through effective benchmarking. Hear a company’s developmental history—successes, improvements in administrative and manufacturing and challenges along the way. Get details on a process that helps facilities, departments and work centers focus on daily, weekly and monthly metrics that drive the business. Hear about the relationship of an assessment process with a PDCA philosophy, and how these tools link purpose, process and people. Discover the power of passionate, engaged employees utilizing systematic daily improvement tools and how the process helps to grow market share, meet customer needs and address development of people.


A. J. Oster is a leading North American distributor of metal foil, strip and sheet products. It is a key part of GBC Holdings, Inc., one of the largest full-service metals companies in the world. The company’s extensive product selection, including copper and brass alloys, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel and antimicrobial copper, is matched by a network of service centers stretching across the United States, the Caribbean and Mexico. www.ajoster.com

Speaker: Joe Headdy

Joe Headdy is the corporate director of operational excellence for A. J. Oster. He has held similar positions with Kaiser Aluminum and JMC Steel Group, has worked in various roles at Ford Motor Company and served in the U.S. Army. Headdy is a graduate of Purdue University in organizational leadership and supervision, and received an M.S. degree in administration from Central Michigan University. His passion is developing, coaching and engaging people.