Value Stream 1 Engaged People

People are not afraid of change, only uncertainty

Thursday, Oct. 22 Location Code
1:30pm-2:30pm Jr. Ballroom A/B, 3rd floor ThP/49

Tools for building an environment that promotes engagement

Gain buy-in for lean initiatives through teamwork; learn about accountability, innovation, and employees driving change; hear how to use Legos to help remove uncertainty.


Learn about proven tools and processes that can help you remove uncertainty about needed change and build an environment that promotes engagement. Hear how to nurture involvement in your lean initiatives with strategies used by Sur-Seal, an in-process facility, as it transitioned from a job shop to cellular manufacturing during an eight-year period. Get information about effectively integrating lean tools and strategies into everyday, company-wide activities. Gain valuable how-to pointers on creating engagement through teamwork. Hear how to build a scale model of your plant from Legos to assist in your lean transformation. Discover lessons learned about accountability, culture change, innovation and employees driving change.


Sur-Seal is a privately-held, family-owned facility headquartered in Cincinnati, OH. The company is a leading provider of high-quality engineered gaskets, seals and rubber-related parts for the HVAC, lighting, medical and electronics industries. Sur-Seal received an AME Manufacturing Excellence Award in 2012.

Speaker: Larry Faist

Larry Faist is president of Sur-Seal and has worked for 30 years in manufacturing organizations across many segments of industry. He has led in small to very large companies across five countries. His focus has consistently been around building an organization’s long-term capabilities by developing the people in a highly engaging environment. Faist has learned that it's all about people and the simple principle of engaging employees to create and accept change works.