OEM Remanufacturing 
Beginner level
Value Stream 2 Systematic Daily Improvement

Practical application of lean strategy: prescribe or subscribe?

Wednesday, Oct. 21 Location Code
2:00pm-3:00pm Jr. Ballroom C/D, 3rd floor WP/32

An adaptive deployment approach

Take away learnings about the practical application of lean strategy tailored to your organization, including appropriate objectives and metrics; gain ideas to tackle your implementation or operational challenges; advice on completing a lean assessment; understand how a lean implementation strategy can work well in one location, and be less effective in another environment.


Learn why lean requires a context-based approach with relevant objectives and metrics, and how to consider your unique operating environment and business culture when developing/deploying your lean strategy. Hear about OEM’s transition from tool-based thinking to a system-based approach, and how it moved away from replicating best practices in a pre-defined order to a revamped model that met the company’s needs. Get useful tips about methods and experiences that helped the company evaluate its requirements for lean and whether its strategy was adaptive. Hear guidance on completing a lean assessment and advice on internal marketing. Understand how an approach can work in one location, but it may not be effective in others. Be encouraged by OEM’s honest account of experimentation and cultural growth, and then reflect on whether to start the strategy formulation process or refine it for your organization. Take away ideas to address your current implementation or operational challenges, plus information about the practical application/implementation of lean strategy, change management, continuous improvement, culture, sustainability, training and recognition programs.


OEM Remanufacturing, a Finning Enterprise, is one of North America’s most advanced engine and powertrain component remanufacturing companies. It serves the railway, natural gas and diesel sectors. From its 350,000 sq. ft. facility in Edmonton, Alberta, OEM offers clients timely delivery, quality craftsmanship and excellent service. It is the premier remanufacturing partner for Caterpillar equipment in western Canada. www.oemreman.com

Speakers: Marc Gervais / Cory Rizzuto

Marc Gervais is the director of process improvement for OEM Remanufacturing. He is responsible for managing departmental and business-level project portfolios, overseeing the quality management system and driving development/execution of lean strategy. Gervais has extensive experience in manufacturing and continuous improvement. He has held positions in production supervision, operations management, business development and general management.

Cory Rizzuto is the vice president of production at OEM Remanufacturing. Rizzuto oversees production, salvage and technical services departments. He is responsible for the quality, cost and delivery of products, while ensuring a safe and engaging work environment. Rizzuto has spent the majority of his career in operations roles, including planning, production management and inventory/logistics management. He has worked in customer service as well as valuation and financial analytics.