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Sales growth through lean learning

Tuesday, Oct. 20 Location Code
10:45am-11:45am Room 203/204, 2nd floor TP/10

How to change your quoting process and drive increased sales

Discover how to make strategic business decisions  using lean accounting rather than standard costing, to help you grow sales; quote without labor and overhead rates; engage more people in the quoting process, improving their business decision-making skills; learn about a framework for using lean accounting to enhance sales.


Learn how to transform your quoting process from the old school “cost plus” pricing methodology to a lean process that improved flow of the quotes, leading to increased sales. Discover how labor and overhead rates are not required, and how you can handle 95+ percent of your quotes in significantly less time by creating quick filters. Hear about a process flow that can enable you to dedicate most of your quote time to large opportunities for moving the needle in your sales levels. Engage your key employees in the value stream and decision-making process, providing a forum to coach employees on business strategy and to develop more critical thinkers on the team. Walk away with a framework for using lean and lean accounting to grow sales. Get information on A3, change management, coaching/communication, daily management meetings and training.


Empire Comfort Systems is a family-owned manufacturer of gas-fired heaters, fireplaces and grills. Headquartered in Belleville, IL, Empire has been a leader in producing high-quality and high-efficiency appliances in the U.S. for over 80 years at its two factories covering over 500,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space. www.empirecomfort.com

Speaker: Edward Grinde

Edward Grinde is the CFO at Empire Comfort Systems. Previously, he held the position of plant controller at LMI-Washington Aerospace in Missouri. He has worked at several plants, implementing lean in the office (including accounting) and on the plant floor, as well as helping to generate results such as decreased inventory, reduced product flow time and increased sales. Grinde is lean silver-certified.