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Value Stream 3 Innovation

The seeds of innovation

Tuesday, Oct. 20 Location Code
2:00pm-3:00pm Room 232/233, 2nd floor TP/15

Where new ideas really come from

Explore innovation catalysts, and also what spurs product development efficiency; gain effective strategies for advancing your organization’s process of innovation, for greater competitive strength; learn the difference between innovation and improving product development efficiency.


Examine the catalysts for product development efficiency, also known as lean product development, and also take a deep dive into innovation catalysts. Learn how to avoid misunderstanding these intertwined, critically-important catalysts, and about key strategies for improving the process of innovation. Hear about the seeds of innovation, a crucial requirement to stay ahead of the competition. Understand the difference between improving product development efficiency and innovation. Gain useful pointers about the many paths for generating new ideas. Explore ways to enhance innovation, supporting your organization’s drive to be more competitive.


DJO Global, Inc. is a leading provider of high-quality orthopedic devices, with a broad range of products used for rehabilitation, pain management, sporting protection and physical therapy. DJO also develops, manufactures and distributes a wide range of surgical reconstructive implant products.

Speaker: Rich Gildersleeve

Rich Gildersleeve is the chief technology officer and senior vice president of global research and development at DJO Global. He is passionate about improving product development processes; he introduced the company’s first lean development processes 15 years ago. Gildersleeve and his DJO team received the PDMA Outstanding Corporate Innovator award in 2005. He was awarded 21 U.S. patents for various medical device innovations. He holds a B.S. in applied mechanics, an M.S. degree in mechanical engineering and an M.B.A. degree.