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Value Stream 5 Sustainability

Value stream transformation using theory of constraints (TOC)

Tuesday, Oct. 20 Location Code
9:30am-10:30am Room 205, 2nd floor TP/05

Moving from annual losses to profitable operation

Achieve dramatic value stream performance improvements using theory of constraints (TOC); process visualization; sustainability; employee engagement; cultural change; standard work


Learn how to turn around unprofitable value streams using theory of constraints (TOC) methodology. Hear how significant value stream throughput increases resulted from this strategy, after several improvement attempts using traditional lean tools failed. Get details on TOC implementation that enabled improved uptime, in turn boosting volumes to 24,000-26,000 units per week (compared to the previous average weekly output of 18,000 units) with three shifts working five days a week (replacing a four-shift operation, working 12-hour shifts, seven days a week, with two days on and three days off rotation to lower attrition). This transition eliminated the need to purchase units from Germany to make up for inadequate volume. Hear how the value stream went from annual losses to profitable operation, with plans to reduce process variation and create one-piece flow. Learn about visualization of the process, coaching/communication, culture, employee engagement, standard work and sustainability.


Bosch Automotive Steering (Mobility Solutions), a Robert Bosch GmbH company, is a trendsetter,   shaping the future of automotive steering. Its headquarters in Florence, KY is approximately 20 miles south of Cincinnati. More than 1200 employees work at the facility in just under a half-million sq. ft. of factory space used for assembly and manufacturing.

Speakers: Tim Ehlman / Jeeva Kumar

Tim Ehlman, the continuous improvement manager for Bosch Automotive Steering, has 30 years’ automotive experience. He is a graduate of electro-mechanical engineering and international business programs and has received training in theory of constraints, six sigma, design for six sigma and Red X. Ehlman was trained in the Toyota Production System (TPS) after the Toyota operations management development department (OMDD) was embedded in his business unit (BU) in 1999; the BU later increased sales, reduced headcount and improved operational efficiency.

Jeeva Kumar is the business unit manager for Electric Power Steering Gears at Bosch Automotive Steering in Florence, KY. He has held various engineering and financial positions within ZF Steering Systems. Kumar holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Western Michigan University and an M.B.A. degree in finance from Northern Kentucky University (NKU). He was named the Compton Allyn Outstanding M.B.A. student at NKU in 2010 and received a distinguished alumni award from NKU in 2013.