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Value Stream 5 Sustainability

What matters most? Integrating and sustaining a culture of improvement

Thursday, Oct. 22 Location Code
1:30pm-2:30pm Room 205, 2nd floor ThP/53

A longstanding culture of excellence

A case study of a year-long journey towards implementing a culture of improvement; learn about the Cleveland Clinic Improvement Model.


Recognized as a leader in the delivery of healthcare, the Cleveland Clinic has built and embraced a culture of excellence since its founding over 90 years ago. This reputation can be a barrier when it comes to introducing a culture of improvement. Learn about the transformation of the continuous improvement department’s approach to integrating a culture of improvement with a culture of excellence. Using a facilitation approach that focuses on caregiver engagement, a case study of the clinic's surgical supply department’s year-long journey towards implementing a culture of improvement will be presented, highlighting its recently developed Cleveland Clinic Improvement Model.


Cleveland Clinic is a national leader and model of health care for the future. It serves northeast Ohio through a main campus, eight community hospitals and 18 family health centers, in addition to facilities in Florida, Nevada, Toronto and Abu Dhabi. The Cleveland Clinic integrated structure enables the organization to control costs, measure and improve quality and provide access to high-quality health care services across a broad regional system.

Speaker: Tim Pettry

Tim Pettry is a process improvement specialist with the Cleveland Clinic. He is a co-author of the Cleveland Clinic Improvement Model. Prior to joining the Cleveland Clinic team in 2008, Pettry had 18 years’ experience at Ford Motor Company’s Cleveland manufacturing site as a Ford Production System coordinator and coach. He has been an examiner for the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence since 1996. Pettry was a Shingo-appointed member on the AME/ASQ/Shingo Prize/SME lean certification oversight and appeals committee and served as the committee chairman in 2010. He has an MBA from Cleveland State University and a BS in business administration from Bowling Green State University.