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Facilitation skills round robin. You've heard them mentioned, now watch them in action

Wednesday, Oct. 21 Location Code
9:30am-11:45am Room 262, 2nd floor SIS/08

Tool awareness and usage; tool best practices and pitfalls; Q&A about specific tools during live demos.


This very special round robin is designed to allow attendees to gain in-context insights through demonstration in skills such as value stream mapping, intervention contracting, process mapping, team dynamics and ice breakers, fish bone diagramming, brainstorming and action planning.

Facilitator: Charlie Guild

Charlie Guild is a 20 year veteran of change management with a passion for intercultural engagement and learning. He has lead improvement efforts throughout North America, Europe and Asia, with organizations both large and small and is equally comfortable in the boardroom or on the shop floor. As a frequent guest lecturer for Northwestern University’s Masters of Engineering Management Program, Guild has spoken about topics as varied as “helping creatives grow by use of process controls” to “thinking strategically while acting tactically, the middle manager’s guide.” As a career Change Manager and Global Strategist, Guild brings forward the right mix of pragmatism with passion to help leaders find their path, anticipate the challenges to move forward and succeed with clarity and conviction.