Improv Talk 
Beginner level

Power up your performance – Gain the knack for successfully meeting unexpected challenges in business and in life

Tuesday, Oct. 20 Location Code
9:30am-10:30am Room 263, 2nd floor SIS/02

Get in the game with improv training for you and your team

When life thwacks you with a curve ball—those surprise challenges that happen all too often—you’ll be glad you gained these new techniques for collaboratively and successfully handling such trials; create stronger one-on-one and presentation connections; learn how to quickly revamp your strategies in high-pressure situations.


Gain the knack for successfully meeting unexpected challenges in business and in life—a skill you need when someone or something throws you a curve ball. Experience the tools and techniques that make professional baseball players and improvisers successful at working collaboratively, as a team, for adapting quickly in high-pressure situations. Discover direct applications to the business world, and bring back strategies you can immediately implement. Create strong teams with an “I’ve got your back” atmosphere. Learn to listen for understanding—not to respond. Hear about “Yes, and … “ as a secret to successful problem-solving. Build stronger connections one-on-one and in your presentations. Learn about change management, coaching/communication, cross-functional teams, continuous improvement, culture and employee engagement.


Improv Talk brings participants an ultimate leadership and team-building system. Its improv sessions enable people to embrace uncertainty and react in the moment at the top of their intelligence. Using transformational tools and principles from applied improvisation, plus techniques from major league baseball, its professionals provide an experiential tour on creating “I’ve got your back” teams, building collaborative relationships and becoming innovative as well as inspirational.

Speakers: Ellen Schnur / Jim Mecir

Ellen Schnur, the owner of Improv Talk, is a business professional and improviser who understands how valuable improv can be in business and in life. She used tools learned at Second City and with improv masters to create her company. Schnur leads improv workshops for corporations, organizations and individuals. Her ah-ha moment-producing workshops have inspired participants in companies such as Dow Corning, Diners Club and Motorola.

Jim Mecir is the owner of Jim Mecir, LLC. Born with a club foot, he pitched in the major leagues for more than ten years, including four years with the Oakland A’s. Mecir’s hard work and determination led to his success. He is portrayed in Moneyball, a book and movie about the A’s. Mecir teamed up with Ellen Schnur after he took an improv workshop and recognized a great match between successful tools on the mound and improvisers’ techniques.