LeanCor Fulfillment Center 
Intermediate level

Powerful, integrated approach to warehousing operational excellence

Wednesday, Oct. 21 Location Code
8:40am-12:40pm Departure area 2, 2nd floor WT/09
Thursday, Oct. 22 Location Code
8:30am-12:30pm Departure area 2, 2nd floor ThT/04

First-hand look at practices for dramatically decreasing inventory and creating organization-wide CI culture

See innovative lean warehousing practices at work, netting reduced inventories, higher quality and shorter leadtimes; hear strategies yielding dramatically decreased total inventory for a Tier 1 automotive industry supplier; pull/kanban, safety, virtual/visual management, leveled flow, standard work and a problem-solving culture.


Take away useful ideas for waste-slashing strategies to  achieve reductions in labor and overall facility costs, equipment and inventory. Get an up-close look at the LeanCor Fulfillment Center (LFC)’s integrated approach for inventory optimization/planning, pull/kanban, safety and standard work, and how the center enabled a Tier 1 automotive supplier customer to trim total inventory between the LFC and the factory from 24+ hours to three hours. Hear about their relentless improvement pursuit, using a thorough timeline, Launch Readiness Checklist (LRC), recovery measures and FMEA (failure modes and effects analysis) to ensure transition stability, agility and efficient processes. Understand how to implement inventory flow, disciplined processes and visual management (enabling everyone to understand current conditions) in warehousing, which is traditionally marked by abundant waste in material receiving, pick-and-pack and shipping operations. Get information about a best-practice safety platform utilizing the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program. Bring home knowledge about embedding a continuous improvement culture and standard work in all organizational levels.


LeanCor Supply Chain Group is a trusted supply chain partner, recognized with a Shingo Prize for research and professional publication. The company delivers operational improvement and financial results. LeanCor offers a unique combination of training and education, supply chain consulting and third-party logistics services. Its integrated portfolio of services helps organizations eliminate waste, drive down costs and instill a problem-solving culture across their supply chains. www.leancor.com

Tour Hosts

Brad Frye is the operations manager for LeanCor’s JIT Lean Fulfillment Center (LFC).  He has held key roles in the company’s operational launches, process development, continuous improvement, material flow optimization, team member development, safety programs and cos reduction initiatives. His leadership on the floor drives sustainable improvements in safety, cost, working capital, service and quality for the customer.

Adam Melrose is the director of warehouse operations for LeanCor Supply Chain Group. He is responsible for designing and executing warehouse solutions, labor optimization, metrics deployment, account management and team member development. His career has focused on designing and implementing lean transportation networks, end-to-end supply chain optimization and supply chain software solutions development.

Restrictions / Requirements

To participate in a tour, all attendees must adhere to and respect the tour hosts' restrictions and requirements.
Non-adherence may exclude you from a tour.

  • No competitors
  • Leather like closed-toe shoes (No high heels)
  • Long or short-sleeved shirt/blouse
  • Long pants (no shorts, skirts, dresses)
  • Safety glasses