Dare to be Amazing (DTBA) 
Intermediate level

ABCs of KPIs – use metrics to drive world-class behaviors and outcomes

Friday, Oct. 23 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm Jr. Ballroom B, 3rd floor FW/34

Clear line of sight between employees and metrics in a CI culture

Understand how performance metrics determine an organization’s performance and behavior; communicate effectively about actionable KPIs; create successful, systematic approaches for building a CI culture and business strategy reflecting quantifiable goals; engage the head, heart and hands of every employee in meeting specific targets.


Learn how to inspire and drive desired employee behaviors through effective metrics. Hear how performance feedback delivers facts, enabling decisions and problem solutions that lead to modified processes/behaviors and improved company performance. Understand critical elements and concepts for developing effective KPIs focused on employee engagement and behavior management. Get useful information on systematic approaches for transforming an organization’s continuous improvement (CI) culture and business strategy into specific, quantifiable goals. Learn about metrics as the foundation of any performance monitoring strategy. Go beyond measuring outputs, focusing on desired outcomes and indicators of this targeted state. Communicate/coach effectively with your entire team and make KPIs and the balanced scorecard actionable by everyone. Select relevant metrics, escaping the trap of posting meaningless charts. Build accountability as you create a direct line of sight between employees and metrics. Uncover ways to integrate metrics with incentive programs. Develop leader standard work for the management of behaviors and performance. Break down cross-functional barriers, supporting effective collaboration. Hear about daily management meetings/training as well as virtual systems and visual management.


Dare to be Amazing, (DTBA, LLC) was started to assist leaders dealing with chaos and works with businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals seeking proven ways to find success in their businesses and careers. The company helps leaders and owners discover ways to eliminate the frustrations of disorder. www.daretobeamazing.com

Speaker: Eric Kulikowski

Eric Kulikowski, managing partner with DTBA, LLC, studied mechanical and aerospace engineering at the University of Dayton. He is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, building on a platform of employee engagement, cultural significance and change leadership. As a senior operations leader for Philips Home Healthcare, he inspired a highly-engaged team to develop a world-class operation through daily focus on quality, cost, delivery, safety and morale. Two of the company’s Pennsylvania assembly plants were recognized by IndustryWeek and Assembly for excellent factory performance.