Lean Transformations Group (LTG) 
Advanced level

Change agent skills for lean implementation leaders

Monday, Oct. 19 Location Code
8:00am-5:00pm Room 203, 2nd floor MW/14

PDCA learning cycle, A3 report and nemawashi process basics

Improve your skills for gaining commitment and support as you propose lean improvements; increase your lean change management effectiveness using the PDCA cycle/thinking, the A3 story proposal format and the nemawashi process; learn to create an effective business case for lean and overall initiatives and decisions.


Gain basic knowledge about using the PDCA learning cycle to engage others in proposed improvements. Learn about skills and practices needed by effective change agents, and how they are used in creating persuasive business cases for changes and improvements. Hear strategies for gaining agreement, commitment, cooperation and support, using the PDCA story and an A3 proposal format. Explore the PDCA cycle and PDCA thinking as the basis for an effective change management process — a way to focus lean implementation efforts, keep them moving on target and learn the method for improving performance and results. Understand how nemawashi works as an effective tool for managing change, adopting a similar approach for creating alignment and agreement with your proposed improvements. Study the nemawashi process as a means to help you lay the groundwork for improvement initiatives and prepare your organization for change. Get details on using the A3 report to present a logical business case of proposed changes, decisions, countermeasures and improvements. Hear about coaching/communication as well as leadership/leader standard work strategies.


Lean Transformations Group (LTG) is a small consulting firm dedicated to organizational transformation. The company recognizes that successful organizational transformation is driven from within, using the skills and thinking of employees at all levels. LTG has helped organizations transform themselves and achieve extraordinary performance improvements and is committed to learning together with its clients. www.lean-transform.com

Speaker: Judy Worth

Judy Worth, a partner in Lean Transformations Group (LTG) and a faculty member for the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), began her lean journey nine years ago. She focuses on organizational development and instructional design. Worth has more than 20 years’ experience as a consultant and trainer for various U.S. and U.K. organ and tissue procurement organizations. She is the co-author of Perfecting Patient Journeys. Worth has co-facilitated value stream improvement initiatives in health care and other organizations and provided train-the-trainer facilitator development.