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Connecting the dots—align your lean initiative

Monday, Oct. 19 Location Code
1:00pm-5:00pm Room 200, 2nd floor MW/26

Keys to long-term success; how to maximize your full business potential

Explore a customer-centric, lean management system to transform your organization and achieve long-term, continuing performance improvement; enable your company to achieve its full potential as you foster leadership, productivity and growth; leading-edge company best practices and a leader’s guide for creating company value.


Learn how successful lean companies recognize and adopt lean as a management system to build leadership, productivity and growth. Hear about articulating expectations, identifying value from the customer’s products/services, as well as continually improving delivered value and the processes employed to deliver that value. Looking at the total business, develop strategies to transform the organization. Align your lean initiative and construct a roadmap to achieve your full business potential. Hear about a leader’s guide for creating company value and leading-edge company best practices. Understand how to evaluate your company’s strengths and opportunities. Join peers to benchmark your progress; a one month follow-up after the workshop is included. Gain information about 3P, change management, coaching/communication and continuous improvement. Explore culture, KPIs/metrics/balanced scorecard, leadership/leader standard work, policy deployment, product development, standard work and value stream mapping. Look beyond the tools-centered lean approach, which may yield operational improvements in only a few functional areas. Adopt a customer-centric business model and a management system to support the model.


Speed to Excellence has been instrumental in assisting many companies and organizations pursuing their strategic objectives. The firm’s clients have included Raytheon, Sandia Labs, Northrop Grumman, Kirkland AFB, ESCO, AME, APQC, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, ASQ and the Shingo Prize.

KDR Associates works with customers (service and manufacturing companies) to develop business performance improvement programs on an enterprise-wide basis.

Speakers: Bill Baker / Ken Rolfes

Bill Baker is the president of Speed To Excellence. He was responsible for the knowledge management and benchmarking/benchmarking process at Texas Instruments and Raytheon. He previously served as the manufacturing manager on several missile/electronic systems as well as the lunar mass spectrometer experiments on Apollo 15, 16 and 17. Baker has contributed articles to various magazines including Target, and co-authored Winning the Knowledge Transfer Race. He and Ken Rolfes co-authored Lean for the Long Term, published in 2015.

Ken Rolfes is the president of KDR Associates. With more than 35 years’ senior operations management experience, he has held management positions with public and private companies, including NCR and Control Data. He holds a B.A. degree in industrial engineering and an MBA in finance. Rolfes has presented at industry conferences and he is the co-author, with Bill Baker, of Lean for the Long Term. He is a regional director for AME and facilitates the San Diego Business Improvement consortium.