Empower people to maximize the financial benefits of a lean enterprise

Monday, Oct. 19 Location Code
8:00am-5:00pm Room 263, 2nd floor MW/01

Make more money with lean accounting

Enable breakthrough continuous improvement results as you introduce lean accounting methods; calculate the true financial benefits of lean improvement initiatives; create a box score to make valid decisions about pricing, make/buy, capital projects and product investment; analyze operational transactions and eliminate wasteful transactions.


Learn how to successfully introduce lean accounting methods that will empower your entire workforce, enabling breakthrough continuous improvement results. Using a real-life case study simulation, discover how to create performance measurements that will drive lean forward, develop financial statements that are readily understood by everyone in your organization and motivate growth/profitability through lean economics. Produce box scores reflecting true value stream performance. Use the box scores to make effective decisions about pricing, order taking, make/buy, capital projects and product investment as well as to show the financial results of kaizens and other lean improvements. Maximize the benefits of lean improvement by selecting initiatives providing the highest impact. Largely eliminate ERP/MRPII tracking and transactions in operations processes, learning from related successes at Boeing. Develop a practical roadmap for lean accounting implementation in your company, using lean to achieve unprecedented profits and cash flow. Receive a free copy of the Lean Accounting Diagnostic Assessment material that will help you identify areas where lean accounting will yield the greatest benefits.


BMA Inc. was founded in 1992 to provide training and practical consulting for lean companies and organizations. Known for its lean management leadership, the company specializes in lean accounting, lean management and creating truly lean enterprises. BMA Inc. has clients worldwide, from major multinationals to small- and medium-sized companies in a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals, medical products, hospitals and financial service organizations. www.maskell.com

Speaker: Brian Maskell

As founder and president of BMA Inc., Brian Maskell has worked with lean companies for more than 25 years. His primary focus is on lean accounting, lean management and creating truly lean enterprises. He holds an honors degree from the University of Sussex in Brighton, England and is certified as a chartered accountant with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Maskell has written eight books including Making the Numbers Count, Practical Lean Accounting (with Bruce Baggaley), and The Lean Business Management System (with Nick Katko and Susan Lilly).