Performance Leadership Consulting 
Intermediate level

Engage, involve and motivate employees and teams

Monday, Oct. 19 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm Jr. Ballroom C, 3rd floor MW/20

Tools and practices to create buy-in for your lean processes

Get ready to rev up your strategies for creating enthusiastic engagement in your lean initiatives; hone your communication and team relationship skills; learn how to overcome challenges to increased team/individual involvement; broaden your recognition and listening skills; develop a customized plan for strengthening communication/team relationship skills and leader standard work.


Identify the benefits of—and strategies for—developing engaged employees who will implement and sustain your lean processes. Pinpoint leader standard work for involving and motivating employees and teams. Learn and practice tools for creating and sustaining engagement. Hear how to align your goals with your strategy, ensuring that your desired future becomes a reality. Recognize barriers to building engaged teams and individuals, and then select strategies for overcoming these hurdles. Practice communication and team relationship skills that will help you to nurture long-term process improvements. Gain information about key listening skills, as well as steps to enhance suggestion systems and recognition systems. Leave with a customized, written plan to share with your colleagues and techniques (such as coaching and communication) for motivating them to put these techniques in their own leader standard work. Expect a highly-interactive session, including out-of-the-seat activity, discussion and planning for on-the-job application.


Since 1990, Performance Leadership Consulting has energized and engaged supervisors, managers and employees to align goals with business strategy, improve processes, develop positive and productive communications, provide feedback for daily goals/sub-goals/improvement, engage every employee’s ideas/enthusiasm and deliver personalized, positive daily recognition for behaviors and results. Its training is highly interactive, offering applications that participants can put into practice the next day.

Speaker: Janis Allen

Janis Allen, the owner of Performance Leadership Consulting, founded the firm following an 18-year business career focused on people performance and employee engagement. Allen helps organizations implement performance leadership skills and performance teams using measurement, feedback systems and positive reinforcement to engage every employee. She has published four books, including Performance Teams, I Saw What You Did & I Know Who You Are, You Made My Day: Creating Co-worker Recognition and Relationships and Team Up.