Error prevention system stops mistakes before they occur

Monday, Oct. 19 Location Code
8:00am-5:00pm Room 202, 2nd floor MW/05

A systematic approach to gain consistency and reliability

Learn how to become a high-reliability organization through error prevention; develop safety, quality and delivery consistency; hear about the ten traps that lead us to make errors and tools to avoid these traps; employee engagement and leadership/leader standard work.


Shift your mindset from reactive to proactive, to prevent the likelihood of errors. Discover how the Lonza Error Prevention System (EPS) can help you systematically predict, manage and prevent errors through employee engagement and leadership/leader standard work. Gain consistency and reliability in the areas of safety, quality and delivery. Hear about the ten traps that can lead us to make errors, and tools to sidestep these traps. Adopt an effective approach for reducing the potential for error traps. Avoid spending resources on error mitigation (reports of deviations, abnormal events and non-conformities and events labeled as human error), instead focusing on error prevention. Learn five key beliefs associated with error prevention (that error-likely situations are predictable, manageable and preventable, for example). Become a high-reliability organization through error prevention. Hear about accountability, coaching and communication, culture, PDCA, daily management and training, virtual systems and visual management.


Lonza is one of the world’s leading life sciences companies. It harnesses science and technology to create products that make people’s lives healthier and enhance the overall quality of life. Its products range from active pharmaceutical ingredients and stem cell therapies to drinking water sanitizers and Vitamin B compounds. It provides custom development of agricultural products, industrial preservatives and microbial solutions that combat dangerous viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

Speaker: Jon Kirsch / Joanna Ferrero

Jon Kirsch, the operational excellence manager at Lonza, has facilitated/led the site’s lean journey since 2006, while providing training and advisory assistance at other Lonza sites. He has more than 40 years’ experience in the military, public and private sectors, including 10 years in nuclear submarine service and 22 years at a nuclear power facility. He trained and implemented lean methods in various industries and organizations, such as shipbuilding, submarine repair, health care, government and seafood processing.

Joanna Ferrero is a senior project manager at Lonza Biologics in Portsmouth, NH. She has worked in the biopharmaceutical field for 13 years and has held positions in quality control and production management. Ferrero recently served in a global project management role, focusing on the development and deployment of a human error prevention program.