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The five ways: adventurous thinking, creative problem solving and prolific ideation

Friday, Oct. 23 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm Room 262, 2nd floor FW/36

A system of new pathways trains your brain to become resilient, robust and open

Dramatically broaden your scope for developing creative solutions to business problems; navigate decision-making stalemates; harness the flow of information for creative innovative ways to maximize the value of individual and group work; step-by-step strategies for developing divergent lenses for viewing problems/solutions.


Learn to navigate your increasingly unpredictable world through creative thinking, as you solve complex problems that leave linear thinkers baffled. Develop adventurous thinking, blending a healthy disregard for failure with frameworks including negative space, new perspectives, thinking backward, rethinking what we have and disruptive thinking. Learn about the Five Ways system, drawing on architectural and design thinking, life cycle analysis, disruptive processes and blue ocean strategies to create five divergent lenses for viewing problems, ideating and refining products in any stage of development. Use this framework to block out white noise when you need to or harness the relentless flow of information, for problem solving in useful, relevant ways. Understand each lens as it is presented with a step-by-step strategy, pertinent case studies and a series of exercises putting that lens into practice. Traverse decision-making stalemates, negotiate better deals and produce out-of-the-box solutions to business problems as you broaden your ability to reconsider issues, products and processes from different angles. Learn about maximizing the value of individual and group work, coaching/communication, culture, strategy and sustainability.


Sally Dominguez is creative director at Rainwater HOG LLC, overseeing implementation of HOG sustainable solutions around the world. The firm’s Five Ways creative thinking strategy is delivered at Stanford by Dominguez. She is a specialist educator for Australian Independent Schools, New South Wales (NSW) board of studies. She previously founded Sally Dominguez Architecture and Bug Design Pty Ltd.,

Speaker: Sally Dominguez

Sally Dominguez is the award-winning creator of the Adventurous Thinking syllabus and the architect of the Five Ways creative thinking strategy. This approach combines aspects of design thinking, life cycle analysis and sustainability and other elements in a method for expanding problem-solving capabilities as well as ideation and production options. Dominguez has received international awards for her sustainable product design and has judged inventions on ABC-TV’s New Inventors for six years. Her Creative Thinking Strategies workshop runs each semester at Stanford.