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Fueling the fire of engaged improvement

Monday, Oct. 19 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm Room 260-261, 2nd floor MW/19

Engagement spreading from the inside out when people see the results

Structure your lean journey to achieve rapid, sustainable change, in turn building momentum for improvement; get practical lean strategies for using lean tools; employ structured kaizen events, creating buy-in for safety, quality, productivity and delivery progress; Lego layouts, a rattlesnake hunt and other tactics for engaging people in continuous improvement (CI) and creating pull.


Create a culture of sustainable CI, utilizing fun, structured and repeatable kaizen events to eliminate waste. Learn how to spark contagious engagement in safety, quality, productivity, delivery and morale improvements. Get proven strategies for using lean tools as you build employee involvement and a defined kaizen culture. Hear how to develop pull through practical lean applications such as a Lego layout and lean golf bag exercises. Understand how to transform kaizen discipline into desire, as people see instant results and return on investment. Hear how to structure your lean journey for engagement through kaizen events; it’s not about the number of kaizen events, but about the results you achieve and sustain from them. Learn how to see your company from the perspective of a lean sensei, speak the different languages of lean and adopt a no-limits approach to seeking value in the eyes of the customer. Through competitive 5S teaming, rattlesnake hunting, best practices with suppliers and other demonstrations, gather new tactics for connecting people and powering positive change.


Lean Applications, LLC offers organizations improvement at the point of contact. Its mission is to support customers’ journeys in search of significant results. The firm shares practical experience through workshops, consulting and proven solutions. The company reflects "lean” as Living Engaged Attitude Now. www.LeanApplication.com

Speaker: Mark Preston

Mark Preston, CEO of Lean Applications, LLC, has been driving change using continuous improvement/lean in manufacturing and front office environments for more than 25 years. During 11 years with TDK Electronics, he studied kaizen techniques in Japan (sensei training). He held various executive positions at Respironics Inc. (Phillips Healthcare). Preston became the director of the Acuity Business System at Acuity Brands Lighting and later became its vice president of supplier development and operational excellence. He serves on the AME national board and leads its enterprise excellence key result area. Preston is a frequent organizational conference presenter, sharing his passion for improvement/change through teaching.