Sustain Lean Gains 
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How to sustain lean gains

Monday, Oct. 19 Location Code
1:00pm-5:00pm Room 205, 2nd floor MW/29

Process behavior maintenance and leader standard work

Avoid “gain fade” after achieving lean performance results; learn process behavior maintenance skills and develop a related schedule that enables less work for you and longer-term progress; hear about coaching skills that will support your process and improvements.


Learn how to sustain the performance gains you’ve achieved through a lean transformation. Ensure that the commitment and work invested in improvement (kaizen, rapid improvement and six sigma projects) will continue to advance organizational progress. Avoid the ninth waste/muda—failure to sustain or additional efforts to sustain progress. Learn how to perform the three steps of process behavior maintenance that are essential for sustained achievement. Add process behavior maintenance to your leader standard work, performing it on a schedule that results in less work for you, while sustaining the process and related gains. Practice five coaching skills aimed at sustaining your process and achievements. Hear about KPIs/metrics and the balanced scorecard as well as leadership/leader standard work. Steer clear of gain fade after implementing lean. Learn to diagnose root causes of failure to sustain.


Sustain Lean Gains Consulting provides training and coaching in lean, 5S, supervisory skills, sustaining lean, six sigma and process excellence. The firm’s clients include Crane Resistoflex, BMW, Bombardier Recreational Products and other organizations. Its Sustain Your Gains, the People Side of Lean-Six Sigma textbook is used in the industrial engineering program at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Speaker: Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy is the principal of Sustain Lean Gains Consulting. He has consulting and training experience with companies including BMW, 3M, Ford Motor Company and Eaton Electric. He also served as a manager with Accenture and as a senior consultant with Aubrey Daniels International. McCarthy’s expertise includes sustaining process improvement, leadership skills and performance improvement. He served as the editor of Performance Management magazine and is the author of Sustain Your Gains, the People Side of Lean-Six Sigma and co-author of You Made My Day.