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Lean in health care to drive improvements in quality, cost and access

Monday, Oct. 19 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm Room 205, 2nd floor MW/18

Keys for designing and implementing lean principles in hospitals and health systems

Deepen your knowledge of lean management and improvement principles applied in a variety of healthcare environments; learn about needed strategy/execution, training and operational excellence practices; hear about effective care models; case studies reflecting framework, infrastructure and critical factors in lean deployment.


Review effective strategies and a mobilization model for designing and implementing a lean management/lean improvement system in hospitals and healthcare organizations. Hear case studies from various healthcare environments—strategy deployment, patient flow and other examples. Learn about the framework, infrastructure and critical factors that enhance lean deployment to support multi-facility and multi-service line care models. Deploy lean management/improvement through strategy, execution, training, operational excellence practices, process improvement and people development. View lean as a component within a broader management system—a key to developing capabilities such as A3 thinking, managing for daily improvement (MDL), dashboards and gemba walks. Spark timely, actionable leadership and response results. Meet unique challenges in healthcare, applying lean principles across the continuum of care. Drive performance improvements such as access, quality outcomes, cost, growth, length of stay and patient/staff/physician satisfaction. Gain suggestions for creating a learning organization. Participate in classroom, small group and large group exercises and simulations, deepening your understanding of crucial improvement and performance management elements in a lean clinical setting. Hear about 5S and leader standard work.


John Kim and Associates is a leader in the design, development and implementation of lean management systems in healthcare and manufacturing sectors. The firm works with health plans and health systems, across the care continuum (primary care, specialty, hospital etc.) to support process improvement, organizational development and performance enhancement (access, outcomes, growth, cost and service).

The Institute for Enterprise Excellence (IEX) is a research, education and coaching institution that focuses on helping organizations build principle-based architecture to achieve world-class results. The firm has led the development of learning and application of behavior-based strategy deployment and systems to drive the right behavior.

Speakers: John Kim / Jacob Raymer

John Kim is the president of John Kim and Associates. He is a leader in the design, development and mobilization of enterprise-wide lean transformations. As an executive at the Hon Company and Danaher Corporation, he learned the keys for implementing lean while running multiple U.S. operations. Kim has spent the past 17 years helping organizations achieve breakthrough levels of performance improvement in capacity, revenue, growth, cost and quality. Kim uses a simple mantra: Align, enable and improve.

Jacob Raymer is the president of the Institute for Enterprise Excellence. He is the former director of education at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business and he continues to lecture there. He co-created the Shingo model from insights gained through partnerships with Stephen Covey and  Ritsuo Shingo. For more than ten years, Raymer trained Shingo Prize examiners and thousands of individuals on how to assess and implement lean transformation by applying the Shingo model and its principles.