Low Volume Lean 
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Lean leadership in high-mix, low-volume organizations

Monday, Oct. 19 Location Code
8:00am-5:00pm Room 262, 2nd floor MW/15

Adapting lean management tools in a high-variation environment

Apply lean leadership within a made-to-order environment; profit margin validation for growth in small- and medium-sized companies; clear strategic objectives and accountabilities; lean strategy deployment; understand and improve indirect employees’ performance.


Take your high-variation organization to a high-performance level, using leader standard work and adapted lean management concepts. Learn how to profitably apply lean leadership in a complex made-to-order environment. Examine current-state operations, and then look at ways to create more capacity and better manage indirect and administrative processes as you streamline information flow, explore problem-solving processes, increase process capacities and improve customer satisfaction. Hear examples (from job shops to service organizations) of small- and medium-sized companies’ profit margin validation and adaptation of management roles/behaviors to business demands during a lean transformation. Enhance your learning experience through simulations, videos and practical exercises. Be energized with ideas about how you can apply lean management tools which have been modified for high-mix environments. Learn about lean strategy deployment, clear strategic objectives and accountabilities, coaching/communication, lean accounting, office/transactional process improvement and sustainability.


Low Volume Lean relies on improvements from individuals with P&L responsibility. Personnel in its specialized group have Toyota backgrounds, with responsibility for transforming environments. They focus on industrial and service organizations offering a wide range of products and services, and they have helped and trained thousands of leaders in hundreds of companies. Low Volume Lean specializes in developing lean leadership behaviors to build an organization’s problem-solving muscle. The firm’s clients in 32 countries reflect measurable success they’ve achieved. www.Lean-Enterprise.com

Speaker: Greg Lane

Greg Lane, coach of process improvement at Low Volume Lean, has owned and transformed his company as he supported others’ leadership improvements within diverse types of organizations. With 25 years’ worldwide experience, he has led change while holding management and executive positions at General Motors and Delphi Motors. Lane was developed as a Toyota key person and received a year of specialized training in Japan, while working for the company; he later trained others within Toyota at its U.S. sites.