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Lean safety gemba walks

Monday, Oct. 19 Location Code
8:00am-5:00pm Room 207, 2nd floor MW/08

A workforce engagement and culture change methodology

Use lean safety management techniques to engage your workforce in an improvement-focused program; show respect for people by improving the safety program in your facilities; discover how everyone will rally around safety as a top priority.


Learn about a safe path to lean success, an alternative to the cost-saving lean methodology too often used by management. Hear how to use some of the common tools in a lean thinker’s tool box and focus on lean safety management instead of cycle time. Start building an understanding and the acceptance of lean while you improve safety in your facility. Discover how everyone will rally around safety, which should be a top priority. Develop the ongoing engagement of the workforce in lean improvements and lean safety. Understand how this culture-changing employee engagement activity contributes to long-term organizational success. Show respect for people as you proactively engage your workforce in a meaningful, safety improvement-focused program instead of focusing solely on safety compliance (reacting to injuries and near misses). Participate in group exercises that will help you to improve the safety program in your facilities. www.leansafetybook.com


RBH Consulting LLC, based in Homer Glen, IL., is a lean safety consulting and training firm.

Speaker: Robert Hafey

Robert Hafey is passionate about continuous improvement. He has a broad range of operational, maintenance and safety experience. In 2010 he wrote the book, Lean Safety – Transforming Your Safety Culture with Lean Management. He also wrote a follow-up book, Lean Safety Gemba Walks – A Workforce Engagement and Culture Change Methodology. Hafey is a hands-on workshop facilitator who has conducted events in China, Australia, England, Ukraine, Canada and the United States. He retired in 2009 from Flexco, where he worked 23 years. His roles at Flexco included director of manufacturing and director of lean operations. He was previously employed at United States Steel Corporation, serving in a variety of maintenance positions. He is the founder and president of RBH Consulting LLC, which assists businesses on their lean journey.