Mizkan / The University of Buckingham 
Intermediate level

Lean simulation game series

Friday, Oct. 23 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm Room 232, 2nd floor FW/33

Tips on dynamic, effective exercises for your lean transformation program

Kick-start or refresh your lean/CI training initiatives with lean simulation games; enable players to learn about the interaction of various lean tools; trainer/facilitator tips on using lean simulation games for rapid learning; encourage interaction and decision making required for your lean implementation success.


Learn about lean through simulation games, and how trainers/facilitators can build lean understanding through these exercises. Glean tips and tricks to take back to your facility, sparking quick, experiential lean learning. Gaming enables players to learn about the interaction of various lean tools, and to develop the richness of discussion, participation and decision-making needed for successful lean implementation. Play two different games during this workshop to provide an appreciation of lean scheduling principles, theory of constraints principles, heijunka/level loading, inventory optimization and planning, pull/kanban/flow and the laws of factory physics.


Mizkan Euro is the European subsidiary of Mizkan Group, a family-owned, Japanese business started in 1804, which is the number one sushi seasoning supplier in the world. Headed by Kazuhide Nakano, Mizkan Group is a global business with over 210 years experience in producing high quality food products. Mizkan Euro has continued this worldwide trend of producing high quality food products by recently adding UK number one brands, Branston Pickle, Haywards Pickled Vegetables and Sarson’s Vinegar to its portfolio as part of its growth plan, cementing its position as chutneys, relishes, pickled vegetables and vinegar category experts in Europe. www.mizkan.co.uk

Buckingham Lean Enterprise Unit (BLEU) is part of the University of Buckingham Business School.  BLEU runs two, 2-year, part-time masters courses; MSc Lean Enterprise and MSc in Continuous Improvement in Public Services.  BLEU also offers a range of short courses to help practitioners better understand and apply the latest lean thinking and CI philosophy, including tools and techniques to enable them to be more effective in their improvement activities to achieve operational excellence. www.buckingham.ac.uk/business/bleu

Speaker: Suzanne Nuttall / John Bicheno

Suzanne Nuttall is the continuous improvement manager for Mizkan in the U.K. and a visiting fellow at Buckingham University. Previously, she was the lean transformation manager for Dalehead Foods in the U.K. She has more than 20 years’ experience in manufacturing, progressing through roles in research, operations and lean operations.  Her experience ranges from a Yorkshire steel plant to European assignments for Nestle. Nuttall's work in research and manufacturing for a variety of companies included service in the composite materials field in America, plus steel industry and food/drink manufacturing facilities.

John Bicheno has over 30 years experience with lean and JIT starting with Toyota in South Africa in 1984. In 1999, he initiated and became director of a new MSc program in lean operations at Cardiff Business School. Modules of this unique part-time program are held at factory locations. From January 2013, he began a similar program at the University of Buckingham entitled MSc in Lean Enterprise. Bicheno is on the editorial board of the Lean Management Journal (UK) and writes regular columns. He is the author of several books including, The Lean Toolbox (4th edition) and The Lean Games and Simulations Book.