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Lean tools for the office

Monday, Oct. 19 Location Code
8:00am-5:00pm Room 204, 2nd floor MW/02

Learn through a simulation exercise

Achieve understanding about ways to apply lean tools and concepts in administrative and service processes; through a simulation practice, gain confidence and the experience of identifying areas for improvement, evaluating and selecting needed actions and implementing related changes.


Hear about applying common sense practices embodied by lean thinking in administrative practices and service organizations. Learn from an overview of lean concepts and their application in office/service areas. Get specifics on measuring the impact of improvement efforts. Participate in a simulation exercise and gain the experience of an office kaizen event. Identify areas for improvement, decide upon needed actions and implement the selected changes. The strict time expectations will reflect the challenges of an actual kaizen project. Gain understanding about how to apply various lean tools in information-intensive processes. Learn from your experience in the application of kaizen and lean tools in your organization’s administrative and service processes.


Change Management Associates (CMA) has provided lean enterprise consulting and organizational development services since 1990. Its clients include industrial and service organizations around the world, representing a wide variety of industries such as health care, transportation, distribution, education, financial services and manufacturing. CMA diligently works to transfer needed knowledge and skills to organizations in an effective and efficient manner.

Speaker: Drew Locher

Drew Locher is the managing director of Change Management Associates (CMA). He became involved in the development and delivery of innovative business programs while working at General Electric in the 1980s. He left GE to form CMA. Locher has utilized his diverse experience to help develop creative solutions for CMA’s client companies, for improved business performance. Locher has written four books and is a two-time Shingo Prize recipient. He is on the University of Michigan ISD instruction team for Improvement/Coaching Kata and Lean Leadership programs. He is a certified instructor of the TWI Institute.